It is always more like a shock to organizational leaders that changes they, themselves, see beyond every doubt that will be beneficial to their systems meet resistance. The employees and more surprising even the managers object to such changes, upgrades and let us call it improvement. The challenge comes from missing out certain ingredients during planning on how to start the change.

Missing Out Adequate Information Communication.
This can make even the most simple changes look complex. The complex changes, with adequate communication, will look very simple. Thus it is necessary to plan an adequate and comprehensive communication system before initiating a change. In planning the communication system, there are certain loopholes that need to be filled:

a. What is in the change for us (personally)?For every change to be implemented, it is usual to state how such change will be beneficial to the system/organization and try to push it down to the people below. Just as stated by Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, people will be well interested in things if they only could be told of what they personally can gain from things. A lot of employees, team members, and people led do not always see what they can gain personally from the changes. This arises because the leaders do not take time to find such and explain them to the people, they only talk about how the organization or system can make profit from the changes. This issue arises because it is always prevailing to see people take the organization as an entirely different entity from themselves. A particular company I worked with was full of people who see the organization as being owned by the senior management and not themselves. For this challenge to be thrashed out, it is necessary for any leader to go a little more extent to research and “preach” to the subordinates on how the change can positively affect their personal lives and development. As a maintenance engineer, I discovered upon my starting that most of the technicians do no really want to use the diagnostic tools like Toyota Intelligent Tester2 and the CAT Electronic Tester. To convince them, I personalized advantages.1. These diagnostic tools were made for them and as seen, it will make their work easier for them (you do not really have to crack your brain and waste time trying to diagnose) and will as much efface rework (rework is well not much tolerated in the system but I did not tell them that it will improve the maintenance system)2. It will make them more professional in maintenance field and they can raise their shoulders with any other maintenance professional (I did not tell them that it will enhance the professional image of the company and department)

b. “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” rule:This involves thrashing a lot part of the expected resistance during planning before implementation. It is done by finding out people who are expected to give the resistance and work to convince them personally. It can be over the lunch table or in the office alone with the person but let it be alone. Your task is done if you are able to convince him or her and get a consent to the change. Identifying these people is quite easy and they include:1. The personalities to whom other people look up to possibly due to their charisma, age or any other thing. They are always well-respected no matter their rank.2. The ones who are always louder than the others and act as unofficial spokespersons in various meetings. They are the ones who, in the past meetings and changes implementation, question every move and resist changes.3. People who, also in the past, have been seen to have the worst negative behavior towards changes. These type of people, as one of my friends exclaimed, will always resist no matter how good the change seems.
Meeting these people personally will make them feel important and convincing them, when alone, will be easier.

Thus, when a change is about to be implemented, seek to end threats that might draw back the process in form of resistance through making the team know actually how the change can benefit them personally and try to get the people who are most likely to put up such resistance to your side first.

Culled fromhttps://www.shimonkepha.com/?p=245

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